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Margarita-Marina Konstantinidou started up her own practice in 1975 in Athens, working on private sector projects, as one family houses and blocks of flats, rennovations and refurbisments. In 1983 she collaborated with team of architects and engineers and stared to work on projects of public sector, rennovations and refurbishments, landscape architecture. Since 1983 follows the principles of low energy and bioclimatic architecture. She had the chance to colleborate with the architect George Nikoletopoulos until 1993. Collaborators since 1983 are: Georgia Kostayianni, Manthos Pergamian, Erie Ikonomakou, Katerina Kounadis, Efie Zografidis, Kostas Koumpoulas, Elena Kuriakidou, Fouli Bakara, Amalia Katopodi, Anastasia Karatzaferi, Marios Papaspyrou, Olga Vlagouli, Santy Lenti, Katerina Filippidi. The team is framed with specialists of Acoustics, Natural and architectural lighting, energy efficiency, topographers, landscape architects and structural and mechanical engineers.Since 2007 she is partner at the M.Konstantinidou-K.Toubakaris co, stopped practise-also member of TEE, Architects chamber of Greece, Hellenic Institute of Architecture





1969 Graduation from ARSAKEIO TOSITSEIO HIGH SCHOOl IN ATHENS • 1975 Degree in architecture of Aristotle University in Thessaloniky 1980 Degree of Pedagogic School PATES SELETE 1983 Seminar at Technicl Chamder of Greece "History, theory and applications of the contemorary Architecture" 1986 Seminar ELKEPA "Solar- Passive Systems and Bioclimatic Architecture" 1989 Formation a la methode "La non Directivite Intervenante", prof.Michel Lobrot, dep.des sciences del' education, univ. Paris8, Vincennes 1992 Seminar at Technical Chamder of Greece "Rehabilitation of old buildings" 1993 Seminar at Tecnhical Chamber of Greece "Wooden Construactions" 1994 Participation at the research program "Tecnhical and Economic Assessments of the Refurbisment of School Buildings for Energy Efficiency and Improvement of Thermal and Visual Comfort Conditions" SAVE Program Commission of European countries DGXVII, Directorate General for Energy, November 1995

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DOSSIER "Bioclimatic Architecture" (CRES, Athens 1993) - Technical Institute of Patras (1987- 92, arch. Konteas- Konstantinidou) • "Technical and Economic Assessments of the Refurbishment of school Buildings for Energy Efficiency and Improvement of Thermal and Visual Comfort Conditions" SAVE Program Commission of European Countries DG XVII, Directorate General for Energy, November 1995 INDOOR SPORT BUILDING, CHALKIDA, GREECE/ Review "KTIRIO", September 1999 HOTEL PALADIEN- LENA MARY/ ARCHICREE, no 285, p.132- 135 INDOOR SPORT BUILDING, CHALKIDA, GREECE/ Review SPME, no 286 July 2001 HOUSE AT DIONYSOS, ATHENS/ Review HOME IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS, no 203 Janouary 2002 "BIOCLIMATIC DESIGN IN GREECE"/ CRES, P.22, September 2002 TECHNICAL INSTITUTE OF PATRAS/ Review SPME, no 304, Febr. 2003 SOLAR HOUSE AT KHFISIA, ATHENS/ Review SPME, no 307, May 2003, REFURBISHMENT OF THE MUSEUMOF THE HYDROBIOLOGICAL RODOS STATION/ Review SPME, no 311, October 2003 HOUSE AT NEW FILOTHEI, ATHENS, GREECE/ Review TAXYDROMOS, 20/ 12/ 2003, is. 199. p.77 REFURBISHMENT OF THE BUILDINGTO AN OFFICE BDG/ Review SPME, no 336/ 2006, CLASSROOM BDG OF THE SCHOOL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICAL & PHYSICAL SCIENCES AT THE POLYTECNICS SCHOOL CAMPUS OF NTUA, ZOGRAFOU,ATHENS/ BIOCLIMATIC ARCHITECTURE IN GREECE-2009 ERGON IV



































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